Fun with cars

Inspired by our two new Gorki cars, I decided to plan a photoshoot with our twin boys in the beautiful Heine Park in Hamburg. I love the villa which fits well with the vintage style I was aiming for.

Not everything always goes to plan - but that's OK!

This was the first time I photographed twins and I have to say - it was a real challenge. My vision and plan was to photograph both of them in front of the villa. And guess what - I did not get ONE shot of them both at the place I wanted them to be. My eldest daughter, who came along to assist me, and I got a real workout, chasing after two boys speeding around the park in different directions. If you would have watched us, you surely would have laughed! But, in the end I figured it would be best (as it always is when photographing children) to let things flow and to photograph them as they were driving around.


When you photograph children, give them something fun to do. The result: You have a relaxed child smiling and having a great time, while you get plenty of opportunity to take natural photos.

The results

I was really pleased with the final results. Considering we only had a very small amount of time to take pictures before we had to head back home, the final images were beautiful and especially fun to sort through.

Here are two of the final edits - do you like them?

I may add a before and after later on to this post - are you interested?

Have a beautiful day - Katharina

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