Holidays at the seaside

These summer holidays we spent a few days with all of our 5 children on the beautiful Island Fehmarn at the East Sea. The weather was mild but nice. Even before we left Hamburg I knew I would take at least one photo of all five kids together. You must know, in such a large family as we do live, it is very hard to get everyone together to take a picture.

And, a new picture of all the children together was more than overdue! (It always shocks me to realise how fast the kids grow!)

The final

Photographing three or more kids together is always a bit more tricky than photographing just one or two. I don't know why, but I find it especially challenging to photograph my own children... maybe because I have higher expectations of them?

Well, after just a few minutes the twins were fed up with being photographed and the shoot was over. This is the final result, which will sonn be decorating the wall in the kids bathroom.


When photographing kids, get yourself help

- that means, someone to assist you. Get them to stand behind you and make funny faces or jump around, so that the children look your way.

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Enjoy the summer - Katharina

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